Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pure Bliss...Sort Of

I'm taking the rest of the week off before starting a new job next Monday, and had all sorts of plans to do absolutely nothing. Ahhhh.

Until about 2AM this morning, when a car alarm in the parking garage across the alley started going off. And it went off ever 20 minutes. It just stopped about one hour ago...

So I'm up. And I took advantage by making this delicious white spiced coffee from Country Living. A great recipe for spicing up a weekend coffee. Or an excuse to forget about the blaring alarm across the street.

It tastes like a coffee-laced chai latte, and made my morning ten times better. 

Also on the agenda today: 
-Watching The Artist for the first time
- Catching up on some knitting
- Baking an extravagant cake (flavor yet to be determined)
- Taking a long bath with a magazine or two :)

Ahhh. Days off lying on the couch with the sun coming through the windows. Soaking that up fo sho!

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