Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Anthology Winter 2013 : Americana!

The best feeling in the world is coming home to a mailbox stuffed with my new Anthology magazine.

Haven't heard of Anthology? It's a quarterly (4 times per year) magazine that really focuses on interior design and style, which is told through interviews and personal stories of unique individuals. There are always a few recipes, a few cute outfits, maybe a DIY or two, and LOTS of gorgeous pictures. The photography in this magazine is beautiful. And a few of them look great stacked on my coffee table. And each issue has a theme: comedy (interviewed several people in that field), music, and now, Americana.

Just glancing through the contents, I'm looking forward to:

Seaside Sanctuary - A former sea captain's house on Cape Cod is the perfect getaway for a New Yorker and his friends
Collected Works - A Colonial-style home becomes the setting for its owners' eclectic objects and art
Well Cast - Comforting skillet dishes will hit the spot, even on the coldest winter days
Cabin Fever - A move to a woodsy enclave of Southern California proves to be life-changing

If you don't have a subscription, you should sign up for one now. Otherwise, you can pick up the issues individually at Anthropologie and a few other random stores throughout the US. You can check out what might be near your home here.

*All photos taken from Anthology's blog. Thanks!

PS. How delicious does this look!?!?

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