Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bath, Brew, Read

Bath: Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb

The Scent: I wasn't much drawn to this in the store. It's a spicy clove scent. Nice for Christmas, reminds me of a spiced wine. But the packaging was so cute, I thought I'd give it a try. And it did deliver.

When To Use: This isn't really the bath bomb to wake up to. I'd use it at night, after a long day. Say a nice Saturday in. The spiciness feels like a warm blanket in the bath tub. Super cute packaging, this bomb would make a great stocking stuffer.

The Perks: Super cool packaging and effects in the bath tub. Drop Santa in and he starts off with red fizz and LOTS of red glitter. But as he melts away, a green bomb is unleashed for the ultimate "Christmas in the bathtub" experience.  Plus at 7oz and $6.40, he's probably one of the better deals in a bath bomb.

Sad Face: I just wasn't a HUGE fain of the scent. Clove isn't really my thing in a tub. Plus, I was scraping red glitter off myself for 20 minutes. And my tub looked like  a craft store. The red and green does leave a bit of a stain on the sides of my tub. (wasn't as bad as some, thought).

Brew: Trader Joe's Chamomile Tea
 I love TJ's Tea! 20 bags for $1.99, you can't beat the price, and it's good quality, too.
I find it hard to find a chamomile tea that holds a strong flavor for a long time. TJ's Chamomile Tea has a great sweet flavor, and I'm considering mixing it with a peppermint tea for an Aveda-like effect. It would also be good with some honey, but was sweet enough to drink it plain. Naturally caffeine free, this tea is perfect for night time, paired with a hot bath and good book.

Read: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami...Still!
Man, this book is long! But it's good. I checked out a few reviews, and there are a lot of people who criticize this book for its length and for being too obscure. The book is long, but I don't think it ever gets boring, it's just a bit frustrating that I keep reading and reading and reading and.... The two story lines are beginning to intertwine more, which makes me want to push forward, wondering how one story will respond to the actions of the other, and I'm slowly understanding the world that they live in. Again, if you want a good book that will make you think, pick it up!

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