Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Years Resolution Realization

After listing, prioritizing, and charting 40 personal new years resolutions, I realized that it would be most important resolution I can make to myself is to chill out and smell the roses. 

Garden in London

2013 shouldn't be about having or doing everything, but continuing to be genuine to I am, doing what I want to to and what I believe will make me feel better. Always pushing forward, but if I try to do everything, I will eventually burn out. 

As I was listing out some habit changes and things I hope to accomplish in the next 365 days, I realized that many were things I do about 75% of the time, and this year should really be about getting comfortable with committing to the lifestyle I want to live. 

My 40-long list made me feel like hiding under a blanket and throwing in the towel...

...until I realized that my list consisted mostly of tiny events, activities, and things that can be accomplished quite easily. But thinking about them all put together sends me into automaton mode. NOT GOOD. All of these things can be accomplished.
Here's my chart (this is not in order of priority, fyi.), and I'm hoping this blog can keep me honest and in check about my goals.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

Quality of Life
Create one fabulous outfit per week
Use up my current makeup before buying more.
Cook more. Be adventurous with cooking. Go to the butcher and know what you’re talking about.
Establish a green, eco-friendly health/hygiene/beauty routine
Support local businesses instead of chains.

Try new restaurants

Wash my face every morning and night.

Instead of buying lots of things on sale at Anthropologie, maybe invest in a few key pieces from different designers and stores.
Read the news – politics, understand what’s going on in the world.
Take Ellie on more walks.

Move up in career – get a raise.

Stop turning the tv on immediately, automatically.
Focus on accessories, smaller pieces instead of buying more shirts, pants, etc.
Invest in a nice bag/purse
Read more books. – Read 12 books this year, at least. I would join a book club, but I have so many of my own books that I want to read.
Become a better group fitness instructor – more confident, sure of what I’m doing, and more in control.
Don’t waste money – on unused services, unnecessary items, on food.
Attend networking events.

Learn more about healing powers of tea

Really think about what I’m buying – do I need it? Do I want it? Is there anything else I’d rather have?
Learn to clean as you go.

Do more yoga.

Save money

Explore more free events and happenings in Chicago
Lose fat – Note, it’s not lose weight. Beause I want to gain muscle and stay strong.
Spend less money

Attend more museums.

Learn more, adopt a few natural health practices
Really make an effort to use up all food bought.
Do DIY projects

Become healthier

Really set up an apartment to be proud of – polished.
Cook more
Stretch more.

Spend more quality time with boyfriend

Eat Better

Spend more quality time with friends

Drink more water

Feel confident in how I look and feel

Experiment with fashion. Try to push my prepster envelope.

Learn a different language

Take a vacation by self


Dale JaneƩ said...

Just found your blog, and I think this is such a great post because you're so honest and 40 is definitely a lot of tasks but taking some time to relax is so smart.


Krissy said...

Thanks so much, Dale! Perfection is just so difficult, isn't it? :)