Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is that from Anthro?

I am an Anthropologie FREAK. It's not a secret. When I packed up my closet to move into my current apartment, I realized that a solid 90% of my wardrobe came from Anthropologie. Woops.

Now, just to clarify, 90% of what I buy from Anthropologie is also bought on sale. I my opinion, they have great sales, and if you can hold out long enough, you can get some great pieces for a very great price.

Last year, before Christmas, Anthropologie had a MASSIVE 50% off everything sale. OMG.
This year, no word of a major sale like that again, though for the past few days, Anthropologie has had quite a few great, though random, items on sale for around 30% off, like these AG Stevie Cords ($50 in stores) and a few sweaters.

A lot of their house decor/candles/vases/kitchenwares are on sale for an extra 30% off, so if you've been eying something, I think now might be the time (though you could wait until the weekend to see if they bring us an X-Mas special).

Because I spend way too much money at Anthropologie, and can't walk out of that store without a cream-colored bag in my hand.

My newest finds: 

Manor Mary Janes - I saw these shoes on the website and called one of my three local stores (Yes, Chicago has three stores!) to put them on hold in a 7. The site lists that these run small, but my usual 7 fit perfectly. They might not be super practical for winter, but the temperature has been pretty warm here for the past month.

I usually don't like to pay over $40.00 for anything, I wait for sales, but these are kind of perfect, so for $49.95 (down from $108) they were MINE! I haven't walked around a full day in them, but they feel like they'll be pretty comfortable, perfect for running around Chicago in.

Gift-Trimmed Pumps - I don't know if I like you like these? I'm always on the look for some solid nude pumps that will look good with anything. These have a fun little present bow on top, but I haven't decided if they look cute or weird. BUT THEY WERE ONLY $19.95. So why not, right? If I decide I don't like the bow, I can always take it off and find a cute disc or fabric piece to put in its place, a fun DIY project! The heel height isn't too uncomfortable, though the leather is pretty stiff, and I can see myself getting a heel blister from wearing these all day/night.

Albeit Lipstick in Bisque -   A while ago, I heard that Anthro's new makeup lines weren't a great hit, but this barely there neutral is going to be my new go-to. Albeit lipstick in Bisque is a slightly rosy, bit darker beige. It's even a bit moisturizing and goes on smooth.

 White Poppy Vase -  I'm only slightly obsessed with the line of flowered vases that Anthro sells. I also have this one so whenever I see one on sale, I'm sure to pick it up. You have to be careful with these, the petals are fragile, and before you buy, inspect the vase for chips. I grabbed the white poppy vase for $14.00, down from the original $20, so I'm happy! It's currently sitting on my nightstand.

 If there is a big sale this weekend, I'll definitely be there.  My bank account will not be happy, but I will! Don't forget to finish your Christmas shopping and good luck wrapping up all those presents!

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