Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mom's Weekend

J. Crew Majesty Peacoat in deep violet
This weekend, my mom decided to come to town - the perfect excuse to try new restaurants and explore new stores.

I met her downtown (she found her way from Midway on the El all by herself! I'm so proud of her :) ) and where's the first place we went? J.Crew! Not necessarily new, but I did buy a new coat that was much needed - and was on sale for 30% off! Thanks, J. Crew!

We considered getting tickets for "Potted Potter" (a Harry Potter spoof play now playing at the Broadway Playhouse), but the only tickets left weren't in great seats, so she bought me and boyfriend a pair of tickets for a later date as a Christmas present. This play received an A+ review from the Tribune, so I'm stoked!

We hoped to make your way over to the Merchandise Mart for One of a Kind Show - this is a giant craft show and sale in Chicago from December 6-9. The majority of Merchandise Mart is usually closed to the public, consisting of high-end designer workspaces and showrooms, but for this weekend, the building is opened up for these designers, and other artists to come in and display their creations. Unfortunately I had to head home to teach a BodyPump class at 3pm, so we stopped for a sandwich at Grahamwich and then went back to my apartment. We'll definitely be stopping by One of a Kind Show tomorrow.

Every heard of Grahamwich? It's delicious. Upscale sandwiches and salads at a typical Chicago lunch price by MasterChef Graham Elliot. And it's not too far from my office.

I'll have to add Graham Elliot and GEB (Elliot's other restaurants) to my list of places to visit.

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