Sunday, December 23, 2012

the world didn't end....


So the world didn't end, apparently. Maybe it did end, and we all just don't know it? Sixth Sense style. Has anyone checked in with Australia? 

Well, I'm still here, and I came across these ADORABLE winter scene terrariums/dioramas in Martha Stewart Living's December issue.

This made for a fun Saturday afternoon project, and can be made as simple or as complex as you'd like.

I went to Michaels and picked up a mini glue gun, some fake snow, and because I couldn't find any small figurines like Martha used, I grabbed some Christmas/winter-themed buttons. For the base, I used an old glass sauce jar that I had saved in the kitchen. 

Because I used a glass canning jar, I needed something to bring my scene up above the copper rim of the lid. I found a random paper condiment cup in my craft bin and glued that to the inside of the lid. It was the perfect height to peek up over the lid.

Elmer's Glue painted across the clay mound held my fake snow in place, and I hot-glued my buttons into a little scene

Before I screwed the lid into place, I tossed some extra loose snow into the jar to fill up the gap between the condiment cup and the glass. 

 This would make an adorable hostess gift for a holiday party or decoration for your home. 

If I were to do this again, I would use a bell jar terrarium, something larger than just a canning jar, so that I could make a larger scene. I'd also look around for a few pretty objects, like Martha's penguins or skiers. 

These monogram wreaths are going to have to be my next holiday DIY - aren't these gorgeous? Via Anthropologie Magazine and Camille Styles, a blogger I've JUST discovered. I think she's going to become a new favorite of mine :) 

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