Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is it snowing? Nope.

An awkward conversation to have, dandruff is.
Everyone has  a little bit of it, and we all go through serious attacks every once in a while.

I hate to admit, but lately I've had horrible bouts of the flakes, intermittently escalating to full blown traumatic experiences. And I feel like I've tried everything.

Failed Attempts
The Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse didn't work for me. It just left me feeling self-conscious of how I smelled.

I forked over a wad of cash for Aveda's Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner.  It smells good, but was a total waste of money in my fight against the flakes. 8.5 fl oz. cost me $15.50 each, and spending $30+ on some conditioner and shampoo that didn't work makes me feel silly. Plus, the shampoo tangles your hair, I felt the need to glob on the conditioner. This gets a C- from me.

The standard Head and Shoulders is always hit or miss for me. If I use it excessively, it will eventually fix my dandruff. But this last time, I found myself in a blizzard and couldn't get out.

My Salvation
I resorted to a special scalp product, used it twice, and BOOM. Like Harry Potter apparating out of Alaska, my dandruff disappeared. The secret weapon: Lush Superbalm

I went into Lush intending to buy their Snake Oil scalp treatment bar, but was told it was being discontinued, and figured I'd just buy the Superbalm. It has a MUCH better smell than the Snake Oil bar.

This product contains coconut oil, chamomile blue oil, and even lavender to give it a nice scent. It curse dandruff with the help of a naturally derived salicylic acid. This felt soothing on my scalp.

You take a small amount of the product - but even if you use too much, you won't stay greasy - and rub it into your scalp. I recommend you take your time to part your hair several times and rub the balm into your scalp - avoid rubbing it on top of or into your hair, you really want it on the scalp.  Leave it on for 20 minutes (though longer doesn't hurt), then wash it out in the shower.

It's been three weeks, and dandruff hasn't returned. This product really worked for me.

And since I prefer using all natural products, I'm really glad it's Lush.  I don't think $19.95 is too expensive for a dandruff product that solves all of your problems.

Have any of you tried the new Superbalm? What are your thoughts? Any other recommendations (natural or not) to get rid of a torrential downpour of dandruff?

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