Sunday, January 27, 2013

50% off J. Crew Sale! Boom!

 So by now J.Crew has been blowing up your inbox with their extra 40% off sale items promo. But what they're NOT telling you is that if you GO INTO a J. Crew, they're giving 50% off sale items, in store only! Boom. So get off the couch, hop on the el, the bus, in the car, and get there.

I went to J.Crew on my first day off. The sale was a bit picked over, but with an extra 50% off, I knew I could find something.

I picked up this two-toned pink color block Oxford for $20. Boom! I can only wear a few button ups alone, without a sweater over, because I'm, well, "blessed" up top. But I'm happy to say, this one looks great alone or under a sweater.

This soft blue bling button cardigan was only $20, too! Another score, you can never have too many cardigans. And this one is so light, it could easily be worn in the springtime over a dress. I only found these in XS, but luckily the XS fit well! And let me repeat, only $20! A J. Crew cardigan for only $20, you can't beat it. 

I also picked up this necklace, in my recent efforts to build up my jewelry arsenal and wear legit jewelry. Because I had none. Until now. This necklace was only $39.50, in store. Not bad for J. Crew jewelry!

I don't think any of these pieces are available online anymore. But remember, extra 50% if you hop into the store!!

And can we take a moment and discuss the downward spiral that is J. Crew Factory Online? I've only ever shopped J. Crew factory via their website. A few months ago, they had that giant website overhaul, and basically since then, I feel like there has been no selection on that site. Not that it's been a bad selection, but they have about 30 items listed on that site to buy, total! Why is that? And it also feels a little more expensive than before their website re-design. Any thoughts? Do you agree, or am I just being a spoiled brat?

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Anonymous said...

I am totally digging the blue cardigan you found!