Thursday, January 3, 2013

Improvisation at Anthropologie

So this promotion has been going on for a few days now, almost a week. 

While I shop A LOT more than I probably should, I have to give myself credit for buying 99% of what I do on sale. But I was pretty disappointed with this Anthro sale. It was picked over before I could get to it, and although there were a lot of sweaters on sale, nothing piqued my interest, so I decided to invest in a few houseware items. 

I had been looking for a cream/sugar set for a few weeks when I came across an adorable white creamer and sugar dish with watercolor-like designs in it. Unfortunately, it sold out as soon as it went on sale for $5 online (of course), and I missed my chance. 

A trip to the Southport Anthropologie - my favorite location in Chicago, BTW - confirmed that none were left in store or online. Sad face. I decided I would invest in a full price one because I wanted a cute set for my New Year's Brunch, and my new X-Mas money would be the perfect excuse to spring for full price. However there were basically no cream and sugar sets in the store. NONE. Well, there was a plain white one, which was pretty, but my dining room is kitschy, and I wanted something fun. I asked a sales associate and scoured the store until I found this one tucked into the corner of a cabinet: 

Cute, huh? But there was not matching sugar bowl :( And the sugar bowl was even cuter with that cute little spoon and all. 

Time to improvise! I grabbed one of their chalk board spice jars, which I've also been eyeing for a while and regret not picking up during the Christmas promotions. I filled it up and wrote "Suga" in chalk on it. Success. And super cute. I think the mismatch goes along well with the eclecticness of our dining room. 

What is it about Anthropologie? I always feel this cheesy sort of carefree-ness when there. Like I can experiment and be creative with my look at that store. It's like the carefree commercialism of that store somehow dupes me into being inspired to buy their products to make me think I'm experimenting with looks they've already somewhat put together. Whatever, as long as I feel pretty, right? 

But then when I take it out of the store, I totally lose the confidence and start to question my style choices. If  only all the world could be one big colorful Anthro store...sigh.

Goal for this year: Have more confidence to be creative and experimental. 

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Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the sale section at Anthro. Love it because once in a while I can find a real treasure for a steal. Hate it because sometimes the other gals in the sale section guard their "area" like they own the place - and yes, you can kind of get sucked into Anthro world considering every other person in the store seems to be gleefully carrying armloads of stuff to buy or try on.