Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend DIY - Bedroom Painting

As part of my new years resolutions list, I'm hoping to jazz up my apartment a bit. I'm coming at it room by room, polishing off each room before moving on to the next. The first room might be the most important to me, our bedroom.

Boring Walls...
I know...the mess...but that's how it is sometimes...

 I don't spend too much time in my bedroom outside of dressing and sleeping, to be honest. But I want it to be a calm, elegant retreat that I can spend more time reading in. I've seen a lot of great bedrooms painted gray lately, and with our golden brass bed and blue/cream comforter, I thought gray would be perfect for my room, too.

I went with a Valspar paint in Simply Gray, in their Signature line, and one gallon was enough to cover the entire room, thank goodness! Our entire apartment is painted the generic off-white, so the change was greatly needed.

Ellie upset that we messed up that we covered her bed

I did it right this time too, took time to tape the trim so it came out even, and covered that bed and comforter like crazy so I didn't accidentally splatter some paint on it. My mom bought the bed frame for $800 in the 1970s, and polished it up and gave it to me just a few months ago. Isn't it gorgeous!?

It only took about six hours for us to finish the room, a Saturday night and a Sunday afternoon, but now I'm worn out and ready for bed!

Paint is one of the easiest ways to drastically change the feel of a room, and it already seems calmer to me! Or maybe that's just the paint fumes...

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