Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Brunch

Happy New Years Day!

New Year's Brunch was a success. Spending the afternoon with great friends and great food, what could be better? 

And Northwestern beat Mississippi State to win the Gator Bowl! NU hasn't won a bowl game since 1949. Eeks. The wildcats have played in a bowl game every year for the past four years and came close every time, but never clinched that victory, until TODAY! I'm so happy for my 'cats! It makes me miss my college cheerleading days, back when I was young and all....now life is all about hosting new year's brunch...sigh....

The food turned out fabulous, boyfriend helped finish everything up before people arrived, unfortunately I didn't have time to snap a photo of the spread before it was devoured. I made the perfect amount of food. Almost all of it was eaten up, I'm glad to not have any leftovers clogging the fridge, but that slab bacon was delicious. The strata was beautiful. 

The only disaster were my donuts :( Unfortunately, I think I used some old yeast, so they came out more like grapefruit biscuits, too thick to pipe the jelly into. Now I know that my yeast needs to be fresher, and I need to allot enough time for the dough to rise. Better luck next time, I suppose!

How did you spend your new years day? Recovering from new years eve, I bet? :)

Back to work tomorrow, who's excited?!

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