Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bath, Brew, Read

Friday night boyfriend and I celebrated a friend's birthday, which made Saturday mornings relaxation time even more important, especially since I may or may not have needed to sober up to teach Body Pump in the afternoon, and this soak definitely delivered: 

Bath: Green Tea Pacific Bath Salts / Epsom Salt 
 Because my legs were sore from getting back into my workouts, I mixed Epsom salt with a new bath salt I picked up from Trader Joe's. I've never seen bath salts at TJ's, but this Christmas they added a set to their shelves, a three-pack including Green Tea, Chamomile, and Lavendar- scented bath salts. I used the Green Tea Pacific Bath Salts to ease and relax my muscles. The scent is slightly herbal/floral, as well as clean and refreshing. The salts fortify the body with iron, while the green tea contributes antioxidants, energy, and focus.

These salts dissolved quickly under water, and leave no residue in your tub. My legs were relieved and soaking in the tub helped alleviate a my dehydration. The chamomile and lavender smell equally refreshing, FYI. Each jar is 10.5 oz, and the three-pack sells for $9.99, which is a super steal, in my opinion.

Brew: Water! 
After a night of a little drinking, okay a lot of drinking, I make it a point to drink twice as much water as I normally do. Water is definitely my hangover go-to, and the best way to get rid of late-night residual debauchery. 

Read: Body Pump #84
Our clubs released Body Pump #84 today, meaning this was the first time that our members heard the new music, learned the new moves, and challenged their muscles in a new way! We team teach our releases, meaning I taught my normal Body Pump class with one other instructor. I was responsible for memorizing the first five tracks, and after the surprisingly long week at work, I needed a major cram session this AM. The class was jam-packed with energetic members, and I couldn't have asked for a more hardworking crew.

Tomorrow I'll finish up one more Body Pump #84 re-launch, and hopefully have time to take one more moment of peace before the week starts. Fingers crossed I can plan in some me-time and maybe get back to reading 1Q84.

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